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Tell 'Em I'm the One

by Nerves Baddington

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Struggling with bouts of depression can sometimes bring out The Funk in us all. Per usual, this introspective yet danceable joint is Nerves' way of coping with real-life struggles in a light-hearted manner.


I got a fear of death that creeps on every night
I know I won't die soon then again I might
Just like water down the drain I'm wasting away
Oh the doctors can't help the ghost of a man that's me

Been afraid to die like all my life
Been living blinded by all that light
I just keep em in the dark
They ain't all that bright
It's a gift from the heart despite all advice
Been around the block a time or two still
End up in the shop no time to kill
Get to feeling ill when shit get too real
Gimme jus a sec of your time if you will
If I had a dime every time that
I said I was fine but was really just lying
I could probably resign
Buy me a house on an island to lose my mind
I'm at peace with that
Got the 3D ESP to match
On the same drugs that'll bring Jesus back
On the next episode of ‘When G’s Attack’
I'm just tryna be relaxed
See me see no strings attached
PC we know where demons at
Don't Z's on me I'm a dreamer Jack
Woah Bring it back refresh the page
There's hell to pay got a death to stage
Repressed rage from second grade
I need a yes today…like yesterday
Please remember I can do bad by myself

oh me oh my why's he so fly
never mind you a goddamn lie (2x)
(You know why)
Tell em I'm the one with issues
(You know why)
Tell me I'm the one on the run
(You know why)
Tell em I'm the one with the pistol
Tell I'm the one with the gun
(You know why)
Tell em I'm the one gone crazy
(You know why)
Tell em I'm the one gone mad
(You know why)
Tell em I'm the one that lost everything
He once thought he had

Aye my bad
Ima be me so I know they mad
fresh cut of beef in a grocery bag
See a killer like me got toes to tag
engine engine number nine
Pass right thru your sands of time
If that train of thought come back
Give it up. Give it up. Give it up. (wack)

TBH I'm doing bad I'm in the way of myself
if anything I'm crazy thinking I need my help talk amongst yourselves tell me what is bad for my health
just remember I can do bad by myself

I'm the one with the heart on the sleeve
Graffiti on the wall of the halls where I be
All in all just because I believe
A death bed of nail’s what I call where I sleep
But that ain't what I call a defeat
No wins in mi casa the monster’s me
I'm the one with the claws and the teeth
Catch L's In the belly of the heart of the beast (that's deep)
Hell yeah it's me with the PTSD yes indeed
I’m testy pesky let's agree
A lil OCD with the stress relief (that's me)
Boy you best believe
I'll be the next contestant on ‘Next To Leave’
Flex on the rest of em extra mean
The devil ain't shit standing next to me (that's peace)
Well it best to be
I'm just tryna be the me I confess to be
Paranoia probably get the best of me
If the police gonna keep sweating me
But..Eljay texted me
Said hope all is well with me
I ain't text back for at least three weeks
Then suddenly R D F N D indeed
Please remind me that I've redefined what I think of Self


released December 25, 2017
Produced by Ryan "Inkline" Howell for Apt. B Productions
Mastered by Jason Hamric at La Hacienda

**contains elements from Jeff Beck's "Plinth" (1969) and Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours" (1991)


all rights reserved



Nerves Baddington Birmingham, Alabama

Nerves Baddington is the seamless duo of rapper Inkline and producer Kilgore Doubt. The two were bandmates since their childhood in Birmingham, AL. With roots in emceeing and bass, respectively, Inkline and Kilgore create dark, atmospheric beats, under cerebral bars punctuated by catchy hooks. Critics have lauded their work as “a jaw-dropping ode to lyricism” ... more

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